Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy birthday Emma

Emma is such a big girl taday. After counting down the days till her birthday with her chain, she is so excited to turn 5. We started the day off with her and Ellie going to the doctors and getting their shots (I know, I'm a horrible mom). We then decorated cupcakes for her party, and she is super excited for her birthday dinner at McDonalds ("Old McDonalds" as she calls it) and then her party at the park. She loves getting letters in the mail so the last few days she has loved getting it from the mail lady to know that her name as on the envelopes.

Emma is so smart. So much to say and always has us laughing. She is an amazing big sister and we are excited to welcome this new little one to our family so he/she can learn from Emma. Emma has an amazing love for the church, primary, the scriptures (she carries her Book Of Mormon around with her everywhere), and teaches us something new every day. We love her so much and are so glad to have her as part of our family. Happy 5th Birthday Emma!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anniversary Fun

Andrey and I had such a fun anniversary. We went to Gateway and had a wonderful dinner at Applebee's. We then stayed in the Hayloft room at Anniversary Inn where we were spoiled with cheesecakes, fun movies, huge tub, and a wonderful breakfast in bed in the morning. We then went to the mall and exchanged a CTR ring that didn't fit me and saw a movie.
We had a nice relaxing weekend ending with dinner with our girls and exchanging gifts to each other.
I love you Andrey and thank you for a wonderful weekend and Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary Andrey!

Six years ago on September 17th, 2004, Andrey and I were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple bright and early in the morning. I love you Andrey and am so grateful for you, the priesthood that you hold, and the support you give to me and our beautiful daughters. I am so grateful that it is forever. I love you and happy anniversary!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Robyn!

Happy Happy birthday to my lil' sister, Robyn. Today she turned ....(hmm lets see, three years younger than me, but four years younger in grade school....so that would make her) let me call her real quick and find out....


We are excited to celebrate tonight and have some good cake and icecream and have the girls (Emma and Ellie) open your birthday presents. tee, hee,hee We love you!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!! I am the big 27 and not anywhere near 30 like my hubby. wa, ha, ha, ha! We had a great time at Letherbys and celebrating with all our family members. I love birthdays. Thanks everyone for a great one. It's always fun to log onto facebook and have birthday wishes all day. lol

School started for many and the excitement is in the air. My dad is teaching a new 4th grade class, my sister, Bailee is loving being in Madrigals and on the tennis team. She is so talented. My sister, Kaycee is loving being in the school clubs and I hope she tries out for the school play. It will be fun to watch her this year. She has an amazing singing voice and a cute smile. Watch out boys!

Emma just missed the deadline for kindergarten, so I get my girls home with me again, but we will have fun doing preschool here...cause it's FREE. wink wink.

I got to go to my first doctor's appointment with Dr. Kaelberer and he is a great doctor. I was sad to lose my original doctor, Dr. Larkin (he retired) but my new doctor is great and we are excited. Everything looked great with the baby, the heartbeat is strong and it was fun to see the ultra sound. I quickly scrapbooked the pictures and it's so fun to see the little hands, head, body...but no boy or girl parts yet.

I am 16 weeks along now so we are excited to go into the doctors again in a few weeks and hear the baby's heartbeat again. This pregnancy has been so different. I am able to do so much, play volleyball, bike ride, jog, and eat whatever I want....but candy and the greasy foods (but I won't complain too much). The girls are so excited to. Every night they hug and kiss the baby goodnight and Ellie loves to talk to baby. They are going to be great helpers when the baby is born. We are so excited. All the baby stuff is all clean and ready.

Our newest projects have been getting the cupboards and countertops in, cleaning out the back porch, and getting our new room done before the baby is born. Andrey is working so hard and I really appreciate him and all he does. He is amazing and is a great father.
Happy August!


Andrey is so excited to get new counselors in his young men's presidency. These two men are great. They come to everything, they have fun with the boys, and they love to teach them. Thanks Tyler and Jeff. It sure takes a lot of stress out of Andrey's life.
We had a great time in Fillmore again, going to the activities the town had, the kids hit the pinatas, good food, fun family and watching the most amazing firework show I have ever seen before. We had a good time...except for Ellie, who hid in my arm the whole firework show (she has always been afraid) and then eventually fell asleep there.
My baby turned 3 on July 8th. She is so big. We had her party at the Oquirrh fitness center at the pool. We had pizza dinner, icecream cake roll and had fun swimming after opening presents. She is so big. She is talking a lot more (even with her lack of teeth after the front two got knocked out last year), she has so much fun with her sister Emma, dancing and singing. She loves swimming. She has enjoyed her three years in the nursery and can't wait to be in Primary with Emma. We will see how she does though. I love her so much. She is such a joy to us and our family. Happy Birthday Ellie!
I was sad to miss Ellie's actual birthday (her party was the sat. after) because I was at our girl's rough camp. It was so much fun camping out with my amazing counselors, Lana and Michele. We had a big group of girls go up where we did activities based on each of the young women values, skits, fireside, watching "Jonny Lingo" (based off our "MOO-becoming 8 cow young women" theme), testimony meeting, s'mores, trying to cook on our own without the men to help (and having the lantern blow up in our faces. lol). I love the young women and we have so much fun together. We really had a great week.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!! The big 49 ....almost 50 AHHHH!!!!! I love my mom so much and am so blessed to have her in my life, around all the time to visit with, watch my girls, talk to when I need someone to talk to, and to celebrate her birthday with her. We hope she had a great day. Love you mom!

We got free tickets to go to Lagoon and it was so fun taking the girls. Ellie had never been and Emma was so small the last time we went she didn't remember much. We decided to hurry and go before I got too far along and wouldn't be able to go on any of the rides. We woke up early, got lunch, and headed over to the park. The girls had so much fun on all the rides, the Lagoon-a-beach, and we spent all day and night there (I only got sick once or twice. haha). We then took the girls to my mom's and Andrey and I went back and went on all the "Big kid rides" (as Emma calls them). Our favorite ride was Wicked. It is so intense. It was so fun to be able to hang out with Andrey and enjoy each other's company.

We ended the month with a fun family Wolf reunion. We started it off by going to the Zoo. Ellie had never been so she had a great time seeing all the animals and hanging out with all her cousins. We then drove to Yuba lake for the rest of the weekend and took our boat out. We went water skiing, rafting, sun bathing (sun burning that is...) and slept in tents. It was fun being over meals and trying all the new food ideas everyone had, making flip flops (with fabric around them), hitting the princess pinata, etc. It was great to have a relaxing family reunion. Thank you Arlene (and Joe) for a great family reunion.
Happy July


Emma and Ellie got to start swimming lessons for the first time this month. I did a mommy and me class with Ellie where we would sing songs as we taught them how to go under water, paddle with their arms, kick their feet, blow bubbles, and lay on their backs. Emma took the 4-5 year old class where she learned "Monkey, airplane, soldier" moves and became a pro at floating on her back and going under water. She made a lot of new friends and I was so proud to see them learning how to swim. My mom took my girls to a birthday party for Dax (my cousin's boy) where they had a big pool. Emma had a life jacket on and told my mom "I am going to die" my mom was shocked and asked her again, "WHAT EMMA?!" "I am going to go in the pool and die!" "Oh," my mom thought, laughing..." you mean DIVE?" "Yeah," Emma responded. And so she did. She walked to the deep end and dove into the water, doing it repeatedly. She keeps telling us that because she took swimming lessons this summer, she knows how to swim, and she sure showed us. What a silly SCARY girl. lol

Happy birthday to my sister in law, Harmony. We love you and hope you had a great day!

Happy Anniversary to my sister Robyn and her great hubby, Travis. Yah for 3 years!!!! And a cute baby!!!!

We had fun with family reunions this month. We had a few with Kathy (Andrey's mom's) side. It was great to see family, eat good food, and catch up on the latest news.

Andrey had his weeklong where they went hiking, fishing, boating, waterskiing, and had lots of fun. He loves working with the scouts and young men as the young men's president.

We were all able to be in the Taylorsville day parade where Andrey rode my Uncle Joe's train and they dedicated it to him after his recent passing. it was fun to have all the kids, grandkids and neices and nephews ride in the train and throw candy. As adults, we wore our train hats and threw candy and sprayed everyone with our spray bottles. We love and miss you "Pa pa choo choo" (as Dax called his grandpa).

We had fun the last tuesday of this month taking all our youth out shooting. It was scary, but they all learned gun safety and as leaders we learned it was safest to stay away and behind them. They all had a great time.


What an emotional month.
Andrey lost his job the day after I found out I was pregnant.
He was working for Premeir Mentoring as the Security manager and fix-it-man.
It was hard because we were dropped down to my income which was only enough to pay some bills, and now with child number 3 on the way, we had to act fast.
We were very blessed and things fell into place.
(sorry for the sideways pictures). lol

We got assistance that we qualified for-getting the girls and me and baby insurance coverage, and then the side jobs from neighbors and other friend just started pouring in, so Andrey has been staying busy, making it possible for us to make the payments we need to. I have my job still (but will be quitting at the end of September), but have been asked by a few families to start watching their kids again so that will help bring in money. We are always blessed, and as Andrey says, "if we continue to pay our tithing and fast offerings, we will always be blessed and watched over." It is true.
I was 5 1/2 weeks along when I found out I was pregnant, so I was just starting to get the monring sickness which was an all day 24 hour sickness, but eating always made it better, so this pregnancy has been very different so far. The last two I was never able to eat anything, so here's hopeing that it's a boy. lol

We have been planning our girls rough camp, with the theme being "MOO- becoming 8 cow young women". We had a "P" night where we had a sleep over with all our young women and ate Pizza, Popcorn, watched a movie and sewed our cow patterned Pj bottoms. It was fun to hang out and get excited for our Rough camp. We have been busy getting our flag made and other camp preparations in order.

Happy Happy birthday to my dad, Chuck. He is the big OLD 52 (see, Andrey, now you don't feel so old, do ya?). I love my dad so much and it was a fun day celebrating his birthday.

We had our traditional Memorial day breakfast at my grandpa's house on the 31st. It was harder this year because of the passing of my Uncle Joe and my Grandpa Wolf.

My sisters and I were able to sing at my uncles funeral (his death was a big shock to us all and was all of the sudden). We sang "Abide With Me." It was an amazing funeral and great to hear from his wife, Arlene and his children, Nicole and Tyson. I miss my uncle Joe so much. He was such a tease and loved us all so much. He gave the best hugs. The memorial day breakfast was a good time for us to think about these men we miss and love in our lives.

I was able to cut 3 of my young women's hair....it was a scary thing for me, but they were great to be my guinea pigs and it was fun to learn to cut hair. Thanks Oliphant girls!!!

Happy May!


Happy Happy Birthday Andrey!!!!! So OLD!!!! The big 29 AH!!! He is so unhappy with this birthday-it means one more year till he is the big THREE ZERO... but we still had fun. lol

We started this month off with our traditional trip to Fillmore for Easter. We always have our easter egg hunt where the adults stuff the eggs and hide them from all the kids. it's so much fun to watch everyone find thier goodies in the big property my aunt and uncle own. It's always fun to stay up late and visit and catch up. We then enjoyed easter egg hunting at my parents on Easter Sunday. I am so grateful for our Savior, for his resurreciton and all the miracles he has made possible for each of us.

Happy Easter!

Happy Birthday to my Brother in law, David. Hope you had a great birthday!!!

Robyn had baby Lucy on April 19th (a week late). It all went well, minus the fact that her doctor (my amazing retired doctor, Dr. Larkin) wasn't there to deliver her, but now we have ourselves a new doctor. Thank you Dr. Kaelberer.
Lucy is a bundle of joy and we love having her and her chubby cheeks in our family .She is always so smiley and such a strong things. We are so happy to have her in our familiy. Congratulations Robyn and Travis!!!

I had a frustrating month where my heart was skipping beats and then had a rapid heart beat, so we went to the U of U and they ran all sorts of tests on me, I did the stress test (running on the tredmill and then getting an ultrasound done of my heart) and then had to wear a heart monitor for a week. It was scary but the results were good, so I won't need to worry about anything major. I just wish my heart would be normal. It was fun to see how they check out the heart though. I love how technology is now days. It's amazing all the things it can do for us. We are very blessed to live during this time.

I started my new job at ABC Great beginnings, an amazing Day Care. I love working there but am sad to have to quit after only being there for 5 months. I love the children there and have had a great time getting to know and get attached to all of them. I started in the baby room getting to know Jack, Joshua, Aven, Braxten, Issac, and many others. I then was moved to the 2 year old's room where I fell in love with those little tornados. I was then a Floater where I would be with the 2 year olds, then the 4 year olds, then the 3 year olds, occasionally closing the day care and getting to know the older kids. I am now back with the toddlers the first half of the day then I close with the babies. I love working there, playing with the kids, doing snack time, dancing, reading, coloring, playing with playdough, outside time, and making close friends with the workers there. I will truly miss it, and my boss, Jenny.

Happy April!


Happy St. Patrick's day. My family does a fun tradtion where we all leave one shoe over night and the Leprachaun leaves a trail of foot prints (confetti) and then stuffs our shoes with chocolates and other treats. It's always a highlight for us and we wake up all excited and ready to race over to my mom's house. lol
It was fun going shopping to get all four of us green shirts and other accesories to match the holiday. Emma was so concerned that she would be pinched after I explained that silly tradition to her, so she was all decked out from head to toe. I think I still tried to pinch her a few times.

(All our cute neices and nephews as we got them together at a family gathering) ...little side note.
Happy Birthday to my sister in law, Serenie. She is amazing and amazingly talented. She actually was recently married in Jamaica. We had her reception recently and it was great to have them bring Jamaica to us. Congratulations Brad and Serenie!!!
I messed up on dates...my sister in law, Destiny actually got married on March 12th. tee hee hee.
My sister, Robyn, had a baby shower this month for her baby, Lucy. It was fun to be over that, playing games, decorating onsies, eating good food (thanks mom), and enjoying company. We were so excited for cute Lucy to come into this world.
Happy March!!!


My family (my mom's side) does this fun things where all the cousins and aunts get together and have a craft/cooking day. It is fun to learn new things as each family takes turns teaching new skills and it's a great time talking and hanging out outside of family reunions and the holidays.
We have done origome (sp?), cake decorating lessons, drawing, etc.

Happy super late birthday to my little sister on Feb. 12th. She turned the big 14 and is so beautiful and so grown up. She finally chopped her hair off to her shoulders (it was to her waste about) and donated that, so it's fun to see her new dew for the school year.
My sister in law, destiny and her husband Tad got married on the 18th of Feb. and that was amazing being able to be to their sealing and reception .They are an amazing couple-great examples and it was so fun to be there to be part of that. Thank you love birds!
I love love and it was great to spend this Valentine's Day with my hubby, Andrey. We have so much fun together and it's always nice to be together without the kids (whom we love and adore) but to find out again that he truly is my best friend. Happy February to you all.