Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

I was invited by a friend and 3 others to go see the New Moon movie yesterday at 7 P.M. We were part of the Utah Mama's club. We were spoiled rotten. We got our tickets and waited in line but were amazed by the special treatment we got. They handed us out bags of goodies that had to do with the movie and being women (Jacob and Edward truffles, cupcakes with "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" on them, magazines, M & Ms, lipgloss, fangs, etc.). It was so fun to watch this movie in a theater with just women. The oohs and ahhs were so funny to listen to, the cheering, the tissues being passed around and the tears that were shared (none by me lol) during certain scenes, and my favorite, as Jacob took off his shirt...the audience gasped in pleasure. It was so funny.
I loved the movie. It was so much better than the first seeing how there was a different director and a bigger budget to work with. The make up was better, the acting was better, and the special affects were awesome. I had a great time and I get to see it again with my jealous husband next week. I hope those that see it enjoy it!!!

It's A....(drum roll please)

It's a girl. Wa,ha,ha,ha. Now little Oakley, Annie, or Adaley (sp?) (they don't have a name picked yet) get to play with her new cousins, Emma and Ellie. We are so excited for Robyn and Travis. And so excited to have another beautiful girl in our family. Because we would have no clue what to do with a boy.

Congrats Green Family!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it a boy or a girl?

Some of you may not know, but my sister, Robyn, and her husband, Travis, are expecting their first baby in April. Today is the day that they get to find out what they are having. As Travis puts it, "Boy, girl, or alien." He said the first ultra sound made the baby look like an alien. Well, Travis, if it takes after you, it will for sure be an alien. =0)

So, make your guesses and I will post what they are having......

Hint: Robyn has all sisters and all neices and she is really small right now.... so that's why I think it may be a girl.

on the other hand....

Travis has all brothers and all that makes me want to guess that it's a boy.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Letter

Now i know it's a little early, but I don't have everyone's addresses, so I am going to post the letter we are going to mail out this Christmas. That way whoever reads this blog (if there is anyone that reads it. lol) will not feel left out and have a month to read it before Christmas . We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a happy new year!!!:

Glover Family 2009 Letter (with family photo attached...but that will be on here after it's taken):

Happy Holidays!!! I really cannot believe another year has come and gone. We have had so many ups and downs. I can say that having two kids makes life very interesting. Let me share in on some events of this year:
Andrey’s company, A&M General Contractors picked up and he is soon going to be building a car dealership and a restaurant-right here in Magna. We are so grateful for his amazing work partner, Mark and his family. Mark is such a blessing in Andrey’s life and he is learning so much from him and is blessed to have him as a work partner. We love his family and have enjoyed getting to know them over the last few years. Along with his side jobs, Andrey just got hired on at Premier Mentoring, where he is their new Security and Mechanical Manager. He loves it so far and I love the part about having benefits. Andrey works so hard and we love and appreciate him so much. He is so talented and amazing at sharing those talents and his time with friends and family in need.
He is still the Young Mens president and loves the young men in our ward. They had a lot of fun recently with the Corn maze during Halloween, swimming, bowling, shooting, and many camp outs during the summer.
He continues to work on our house, getting the vinyl fence up, half our grass planted, and some landscaping done. We had fun with our new pool in the backyard, throwing many parties for friends and my family. It is fun to have a backyard that can accommodate those fun memories. Andrey was able to participate in many ways with the new temple ( Draper and the Oquirrh Moutain temple) open houses. He got to do security, clean the inside, etc. The temples are such blessings in our lives and to be able to have them so close to us and visit them often has been a blessing. We are so grateful to have the gospel in our lives. Andrey and I were so excited to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We are so excited to have many great memories together and hope to continue on-forever!!!!
Holli (that’s me) is grateful to still be able to stay home with the girls. Andrey has been working so hard to make it possible. I watch kids during day. Baby Kyler, Adam, Matthew, Abby, Ayden, and soon Baby Sarah. Not all at the same time, no worries, but we sure do love having all those little children playing at our house each day. It is fun to have kids to entertain and watch them interact with Emma and Ellie. The girls are ready for a baby sister or brother (no, I’m not hinting anything...not just yet).
I am also still serving as our ward’s Young Women’s President and love, love, love our young women. We had a great New beginnings program last Jan. And welcomed in about 7 new young women making our group from 5 to 12 active girls. We love how big our group has grown. We also had our Young Women and Excellence program last week and I got all teary eyed watching how much my young women (yes, mine. Lol) have grown since we moved in 4 years ago. They have matured so much-and work so hard at getting their Personal progress completed. They are some of my greatest examples. I love this calling so much.
We had a great summer with many fun family reunions going to Mount Pleasant and Idaho. We had a blast participating in the Fillmore Art’s Festival. We welcomed new nephews and nieces to our family. And were excited to welcome back our cousin, Spencer, who came home from his mission in Scotland. But sadly, two of our grandpa’s passed away. We love Grandpa Dean Brunson and Grandpa Vernon Wolf so much and will remember them and their Christlike examples always.
Andrey and I were blessed and able to go on our Stakes Trek this summer as the Ma and Pa. That was an amazing experience, learning about the Pioneers. We have such a special place in our hearts for all our ancestors who crossed the plains and made it to Zion, our Great Salt Lake Valley. But before we left on the trek, I had my week of "firsts": I had my first root canal and my first car accident (it was not my fault, I promise), but leaving on trek made it all worth it!
(Side note:) We are so excited to have Robyn, my sister, expecting her’s and Travis’ first baby. She is due in April and we are so excited to have a baby cousin for Emma and Ellie to play with. Congrats to the Green family!
Emma turned 4 this year, but she is still the most stubborn girl and will not give up wearing diapers, so if anyone would like to take her for a few days and teach her how...I will gladly giver her up for that short period of time.
Emma started out the year with 6 cavities. Yes, I said 6. She was the bravest girl and went to the dentist 2 times to get them filled. She didn’t cry or complain once. They were so great with her (Aloha Dental) and were also proud of her bravery. She only complained when they got in her way of watching the movie. Ha. Ha. The only thing she didn’t like was the numbness she felt after. She kept asking me to take the cotton out of her cheek, but I had to explain to her that there was no cotton in her mouth, but that it was her mouth being numb and it would only last a little bit longer.
Emma loves princesses and colors them, dresses up like them (She was Sleeping Beauty for Halloween), sings like them, etc. She makes me call her "Princess Emma" and loves the attention she gets when she dresses up in Grandma Sampson’s dress ups .
Emma was going to start preschool this year, but after realizing that her birthday was past the deadline and she would not be starting Kindergarten till she was 6, we decided to wait another year so she wouldn’t get too far ahead. She is such a "smarty". She can count to twenty on her own, she recognizes all her letters and can write most of them. She wants to start learning to read, so we love to go to the library weekly and go to Story Time and then check out her favorite books (yes, Princess books as well as "Fancy Nancy").
Emma also loves to ride her new princess bike she got for her birthday, but can’t get too far ahead of her little shadow, Ellie.
She loves being mommie’s little helper watching all the kids. She helps feed the babies, making them laugh by laying next to them and making faces, singing, and talking to them.
Emma is an amazing big sister and loves Ellie so much. She loves, mostly, to tease and fight with Ellie. But they are also best friends and are a joy to watch together.
Ellie turned 2 this year. She is my beautiful blonde, and we still don’t know where she got that blonde hair from. She loves her long curly hair and always brushes and plays with it.
Her first exciting this she did was get pushed into a cement wall by Emma (who was swinging) and had to go to Primary Children’s Hospital (our second home) and get her top two teeth pulled. She has the cutest gappy smile now. We like to sing, "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth...." She was such a brave girl and let me take her to the dentist a few times and then to the hospital. Her mouth healed quickly, and she was back to falling and running into things-our normal Ellie.
Ellie loves Princesses, like Emma, but mostly adores Tinkerbell. That is what she dressed up as for Halloween. This was her first year of really understanding how "Trick-or-treating" worked. She learned quickly that you take the candy and put it in the bucket, but for her, she would give me the bucket, walk up to the door, and take the candy after saying "thank you" she would shove it into her mouth and walk onto the next house. She loved Halloween.
Ellie’s favorite person in the world right now is her big sister Emma. When Emma is gone at a party or in primary, Ellie will continually ask, "Where Emma go?" And when she finally sees her, they run to each other and give the biggest hug imaginable. It is the sweetest thing. I hope this phase never ends.
Ellie and Emma got their first pet this year. A frog they named Giselle (from "Enchanted"). They love to feed her worms and watch her jump around in her tank. But they do not like to change the tank because she always gets lose and we have to try to catch her as she jumps around the kitchen. Dad is always the quickest one to catch her. They love having a pet to look after.
We are so blessed to have our family and friends so close to us and are so grateful for all your support and examples. We pray that you find as much happiness that this year has granted us. May you feel the love and spirit of our Savior this Christmas holiday and know that we love you. We have a family blog you can keep in touch with us with:
Love, Andrey, Holli, Emma, and Ellie Glover

Welcome Kaleb Joseph Neuenkirch

Welcome to the family, baby Kaleb. Harmony and David had Kaleb today. He was delivered C-section and was 7 lbs. 3 ouces. and 19 inches long. He is beautiful (can I say that about a baby boy?) Well, he is adorable. There are some complications but we pray that mom and baby are doing well and are so excited to meet this handsome baby. Congratulations Neuenkirchs.

It's been a while

Okay, so I am playing a little catch up with you all. I have been slacking. It has been busy around here with me watching baby Kyler every day for 12 hours. It doesn't leave much computer time...but now that it's oh so quiet, I will catch you all up from the last month:
Andrey got a new job (yes, a REAL job, with real money and real benefits). He is working at Premier Mentoring as their Security and Mechanical Manager. He loves it so far and loves the people he works with. I love the hours. 7-4 or 8-5 Monday through Friday. This gives him time to work his company on his hours off and on the weekends, so he can get those side jobs done. Merry Christmas to us!!! This year is turning out to be amazing with many great blessings and opportunities.
Ellie and Emma had a fun Halloween. We went full out on our yard with scary decorations, spider webs, fog machines, and black lights. I dressed up as the devil one night (party) and as a Greek Godess on Halloween. Andrey was the grim reaper with a chrome skull face. His mask was so scary and really scared Ellie to tears. It was kinda funny. Ellie was Tinkerbell (but without the wings. She didn't care for those) and Emma was, of course, Sleeping Beauty. But it took trying on about 15 other costumes before she decided...and it was the same one as last year. go figure! Ellie learned quickly how to work out the whole candy in the bucket and loved trick or treating. Emma was a good teacher. But Ellie would hand me her bucket, walk up to the door. get the candy, and after saying thank you she would shove it in her mouth and walk onto the next house. It was so funny to watch. We had my family over for chili and snacks and watched Goosebumps movies while handing out candy to the neighbor kids (and scaring a few of them . Wa, ha,ha,ha). We had a fun Halloween and the girls had a great time too, getting lots of good candy.
We quickly fell in love with the new WinKo (sp?) store down 5600 W. It is so close to us and has so many great sales. I honestly think we were there almost every night since they opened. And I have saved more shopping there than anywhere else. So, maybe I will see one of you there tomorow. ha,ha.
My sister, Bailee, turned SWEET 16 on the 22nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEE!!! Her first date was with Zach Roose (her crush) and they had a great time, bowling and going to lunch and Golden Corral. She is such a babe and is so excited to have all those cute boys after her...and have it be legal now. It is so fun to see her growing up. She is so beautiful and so mature...when she chooses to be. Her next hot date is this weekend. Go bug!!!!
Our dear friend, Jamie Roose (Emma and Ellie's nursery teacher and one of our close friends) left on her misson last week to Atlanta Georgia. We are so excited for her and will miss her so much. We had a great time visiting with her and other friends at her amazing Open house. Her farewell was amazing and it really helped me refocus on where I am and concentrating on being a missionary and being worthy of having the spirit with me.
I had my Young WOmen and Excellence program last week and it was such a great success watching the beautiful young women present their projects they have been working on all year. They are amazing. I love them so much and am grateful for their examples. I have the best calling in the whole world.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Elder Chatland!!!

My cousin, Elder Spencer Chatland came home after serving for two years in Scotland. We were so excited to have him back. He is so fun and we have missed him greatly...especially Andrey who needs another boy in the family (my mom's side consists of 3 nephews and Spencer was one of them). We were all screaming and attacking Spencer at the airport, and the poor boy didn't know what to do, who we all were, and how to react. Especially when he saw his dad and big brother in a kilt. lol I loved it!
He had the coolest Scottish accent and I called him this week to say hi and just to hear it again. I love him so much and it is so good to have him home. I know he misses his mission and did some amazing work there and I hope he will remember that experience always. We are so excited to go to Fillmore next week and spend time with him and his family (and our other family memebers) and hear his homecoming talk.
Welcome home Elder Chatland!!!

General Conference!!!

It' s time. We love conference time. To hear from our Prophet, President Monson and other general authorities.
We started the morning (Sat.) by taking Emma to the dentis to get her last 3 cavities filled (she did great) and came home and built a fort just in time for 10 A.M. to roll around.
I love the speakers, and as I was looking over my friend's blogs, I found this adorable General Conference Packet. It is this link. You will have to check it out. I am excited to use if for tomorrow's sessions...and share with my girls of course. lol:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go Utes!!!...Go Jazz!!!

We had such a fun time on Sat. going to the Utah vs. Loisville game. Andrey, Zach, and me went, enjoying our dinner and the fans (minus the really drunk one next to us getting kicked out almost), and the cheering, Andrey's loud stomping on the bleachers. It was an awesome game and I am so glad that the Utes won...but who would have thought otherwise. lol
And tonight, we get to go to the Jazz game, since we got free tickets thanks to "Twitter". So me and my family will enjoy a fun night out. GO JAZZ!!! (I hope they win so I get my free Big Mac lol).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun anniversary

Andrey and I were able to celebrate our 5th year anniversary this weekend. We stayed at the cute Wildflower bed and breakfast down town Salt Lake. We dropped the girls off at my parent's house and headed to Gateway for our traditional window shopping. We had fun going from store to store.

We went and saw "Love Happens." It has Jennifer Aniston in it and I loved it. Not a dry eye in the theater. When we were getting our dinner in the theater, we saw Elder Holland there with his wife. It was neat to see him....but what movie was he going to see? Hm...I wonder. LOL

We had a great stay at the bed and breakfast and headed off to the State fair where we walked from booth to booth and saw the exhibits and bought lots of fun toys for Emma and Ellie. We made our fun DI run (one of Andrey's favorite places to find treasures). We then went and picked up the girls (who were not so happy because they were swimming at Grandma's).

We then enjoyed a fun night at the adult session for our stake conference. We were blessed to have Elder Ballard there (it was supposed to be Elder Holland, but he has something else come us. I got to see him the night before so it was ok. lol).

We had the overflow at our church building for the Sunday session and our family listened there. The recording was not working, so every 15 min., someone would have to run over a tape of the session and then we would watch it there; so the conference was 30 min. behind the live session over at the high school. As Elder Ballard started his talk, the chapel side doors opened and in walked Elder Ballard. The recording was so bad because of all the background noise, so he had it turned off and he and Elder Keech (sp?) took a few minutes each and talked to us live. It was amazing the Spirit that was there and he was so sweet, he took the time after to shake each our hands. Emma was so excited. She was waving her little hand at him the whole time and ran right up to him to shake his hand. I am glad the girls got this exeprience to meet a memeber of the 12 apostles, and to feel of his spirit and hear his words.

Elder Ballard spoke (as well as the other speakers) about how precious our children are and how much we should love them. He told a story about a mother who came up to him when he was speaking at another stake conf. and she said her little son was so excited to hear from him (Elder Ballard) that he wanted to call his grandpa as soon as he got home to tell him that he heard from an apostle. Finally, with his mother's permission, he called his grandpa. He said, "Grandpa, I got to hear from an 'old fossil' today!!!" It was so cute and so funny to hear Elder Ballard's response to this sweet little boy.
I am so grateful for the opportunity we all had to hear from a messanger of the Lord and to be blessed, taught, and guided by him. We are so lucky to have a living prophet today!

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

My baby is 4 today!!! And she knows it. She has a chain that she tears off every night till it's her birthday and last night she was ready to celebrate!!!

She is extra smiley and extra hyper. She is so fun and can't wait for her party tonight. We are going to my Grandpa and Grandma's house and having the party in the back yard. It is the funnest yard. It has tetherball, swingset, play houses, trampoline, basketball court, horseshoes, on half an acre, and Emma gets to have a train there so the kids get to have a train ride. Aunt Jennifer is making her a Baribie princess cake so she is very excited...especially about her Princess bike (which was supposed to be a surprise). lol

Emma is the sweetest thing. Such a big heart, and a big mouth, full of stories and loves to sing, dance, learn every day, loves to draw, and arrange flowers. She is my baby and I am so proud of her. She is growing up so fast and is so beautiful. I am so glad I get to spend this fun day with her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy 5 year anniversary Andrey!!!

I am so glad that I worked at Oakcrest for 3 years and became friends with his sister and got to write him while he was on his mission. I then was asked to sing at his homecoming and the weekend after we met for the first time he asked me out and we were inseperable since then. A year and a few months after, we got sealed in the Salt Lake temple, September 21, 2004. That was the best day ever for him and me.

I love him so much. He is the only one that can be with me all the time and still love me. LOL. He is so patient, forgiving, honest, hard working, honors his priesthood, loves me all the time, respects me and women. He is an amazing father and loves his daughters. I love to watch them play together. They just adore him. He is my best friend and I am the luckiest woman alive. I am so happy that we have had an exciting 5 years and I am so glad I get to spend forever with him.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Grandpa Dean's funeral

Nephew Easton and Grandpa Bart. I
love Easton. He is the cutest baby.
I could just bite his cheeks. lol

My beautiful Niece, Kennedy.

Ellie loves her nap time.

Emma trying out her camera skills.
She loves to take pictures. lol

Owen's birthday party. The girls
are having a tea party with their
birthday goodies. Love to dress up.

Family at Magna parade. So much
Boating, water skiiing, picnicing trip
with family.

Many train rides this year (Emma
is excited for her 4th birthday cause
she gets the train at her party)!

Silly Ellie sleeps in the sillies places.

Ellie stripping to go swimming
at Grandma's house.

Again, Ellie will sleep

Emma and Ellie getting airplane
rides on Bailee and Kaycee's feet.
WEEE!!! Silly Girls.

Counsins playing.

Family Sunday walk. Ellie is so
confused as to why the little boy is
going to the bathroom outside.
she is trying to figure it

Emma posing in her dressu

Ellie showing off her pretty pink
dance outfit to Grandma. She
loves to dress up like big sister,
Pretty, pretty Ellie.