Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Jazz!!!

Our friend, Zach, gets us free tickets to the jazz games about once a month . We are big Jazz fans and are willing to take these tickets off his hands. We have had so much fun watching the games, seeing the Crazy Bear go sliding down the stairs, ride his motorcycle, etc, eat good food (discounted thanks to Zach), feel the fun energy all around us, scream till our voices are gone, watch the Nu skin dancers/cheerleaders (andrey's highlight of the night lol), and then, after a win, head over to Mc Ds for a free Big Mac. Life is good with Jazz!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 50th Year Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Simonson

We were able to celebrate, with our family, Grandpa and Grandma Simonson's 50th year anniversary. That is amazing and they help motivate and get me excited to have that many great years with Andrey. It was a nice lunch and great company while we had cake and visited. Thank you for sharing your love grandma and grandpa!

New year

Happy New year everyone. So many fun things went on during the new year week:
cleaned church-girls learned how to clean windows. but saw that the cleaner freezes when it is below 32 degrees. lol so we had fun writing designs on the window.
We had a late christmas party with the wolfs and big wolf's family. exchanging gifts, having an auction (that i was able to put together with the help of friends and family), breakfasts, lunches, christmas talent show, etc.
We had a hair cutting, dyeing, trimming party at my mom's house with cousin Nicole, eating dinner then all getting pampered and getting a new look. Emma and Ellie got a trim and I got my hair dyed again a red, black, purple color. It's always fun to get a new look for the new year.
New years day breakfast at Mc donalds. good food good company and had fun watching the girls play on the playground.
I got a new counselor in my young women's presidency. Lana Ricord. She is also the coach for basketball and volleyball .She is amazing and i am so grateful and blessed to have her in the presidency now. The young women will love her and i know there will be many great changes this year.
I have a new look. I got glasses after finding out that my eyes have an allergy to the de-protein in contacts,so i have to only wear the day-wear contacts and will wear those part time, and then wear my "daisy fuentes" brand glasses. I love them. They are black on the outside and then pink on the inside with pink gems on the sides. They are so fun and i am so grateful to be able to see after being blind for 3 months. Thank you Kathi and dave for the christmas gift!
We are starting a craft night that we hold once a month with all the girl cousins and aunts in my family. We had our first one in Jan. where nicole taught us origomi and we had brownies and other treats. It is nice to sit and visit-to get to know each other, and have a great time. I am excited to continue on this activity each month.

Merry Christmas!!!

ok so it's very late, but now that the holidays are over, it's time to play catch up.
Our christmas was amazing. going to the glover's christmas eve and doing dinner then a gift exchange, only to be surprised by Destiny's boyfriend proposing to her by singing the 12 days of christmas and with the gift, surprising her with a ring. It was a sweet moment and we all felt so grateful to be part of it. They are getting married in March and Andrey and I had a great time going on a double date-bowling with them last week. They are amazing and we are so excited for Tad and Destiny.
We then spend christmas morning waking the girls up (not the other way around) and seeing that Santa had come and eaten his cookies and drank all his milk, and the reindeer had eaten their carrots, and led right into the wrapper wripping fest while they opened gifts getting princess toys, barbies, dora doll, babies, games, clothes, new shoes, barbie computer, princess Leap frog computer, movies, clothes, candy, bike helmet, etc. It was so fun to watch and to record that morning. The girls were so fun and so appreciative of all they got.
We headed up to Spanish fork, being so grateful that there was no snow storm, and enjoyed our time opening presents after a great lunch. I got money for getting new glasses. Andrey and the girls got some fun gifts and it was fun visiting with his mom, step dad, and siblings since we don't see them very often.
We then headed to my families where we opened presents while waiting for andrey's #2 turkey to fry up. We had fun opening up the presents in the stockings, getting toys and gift cards to our favorite restaraunts. We had a fun dinne and enjoyed watching the movie "Up". It was a great night and the girls are still getting into playing with all their new toys, and still finding quarters that grandma and grandpa sampson hid in their coloring books. We hope you all had a very merry christmas!

Christmas parties

We have so many fun Christmas parties we go to each year. The girls had so much fun playing with family-cousins and aunts and uncles.
We had our ward christmas party where we did skits, Andrey sang Oh Holy Night, and had a great turkey dinner (which andrey fried the best turkey i have ever eaten in my life).
We also had the Brunson christmas pary where we eat a delicious catered dinner and then have a dice rolling gift stealing, hair pulling gift exchange. While the kids decorate sugar cookies (eat more candy than decorate) and have a white elephant gift exchange (with less hair pulling).
All these parties sure get us in the Christmas spirit.

Festival of trees

It is a family tradition to go to festival of trees every year. we went the last day of the program, the beginning of december. it was so much fun to line up and wait to see santa. My parents have pictures from when I was 7 to now of our family, growing bigger and bigger every year, sitting with santa. then we, with candy canes in hand, start walking and looking at all the beautiful trees. Emma and ellie loved all the princess and pink trees. they love picking their favorite tree to stand by and for us to take their picture. we watch programs, buy treats, crafts, look at more trees, gingerbreak houses. my favorite gingerbread house this year was the one of an outhouse that said, "have a regular christmas." lol
We had a lot of fun, ending the day with Uncle Travis taking family pictures for us to send off with our Christmas cards.

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful thanksgiving visiting with family and friends. We got to go to Spanish fork and be with Andrey's mom and family. Great food. Always a favorite. Emma is having a fun time learning about all these different holidays. We also had a great dinner at Andrey's dad's and loved visiting with the family, drawing names for christmas, and holding all those cute new babies.
My family has the traditional lunch at my aunt's house with everyone. we go to eat good food and had fun visiting. i am so grateful for my family. i love them so much. it was fun to set up the tree while watching the parade on t.v. the girls had fun putting up the the decorations and feeling the christmas spirit. time to wrap presents.