Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Elder Chatland!!!

My cousin, Elder Spencer Chatland came home after serving for two years in Scotland. We were so excited to have him back. He is so fun and we have missed him greatly...especially Andrey who needs another boy in the family (my mom's side consists of 3 nephews and Spencer was one of them). We were all screaming and attacking Spencer at the airport, and the poor boy didn't know what to do, who we all were, and how to react. Especially when he saw his dad and big brother in a kilt. lol I loved it!
He had the coolest Scottish accent and I called him this week to say hi and just to hear it again. I love him so much and it is so good to have him home. I know he misses his mission and did some amazing work there and I hope he will remember that experience always. We are so excited to go to Fillmore next week and spend time with him and his family (and our other family memebers) and hear his homecoming talk.
Welcome home Elder Chatland!!!

General Conference!!!

It' s time. We love conference time. To hear from our Prophet, President Monson and other general authorities.
We started the morning (Sat.) by taking Emma to the dentis to get her last 3 cavities filled (she did great) and came home and built a fort just in time for 10 A.M. to roll around.
I love the speakers, and as I was looking over my friend's blogs, I found this adorable General Conference Packet. It is this link. You will have to check it out. I am excited to use if for tomorrow's sessions...and share with my girls of course. lol:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go Utes!!!...Go Jazz!!!

We had such a fun time on Sat. going to the Utah vs. Loisville game. Andrey, Zach, and me went, enjoying our dinner and the fans (minus the really drunk one next to us getting kicked out almost), and the cheering, Andrey's loud stomping on the bleachers. It was an awesome game and I am so glad that the Utes won...but who would have thought otherwise. lol
And tonight, we get to go to the Jazz game, since we got free tickets thanks to "Twitter". So me and my family will enjoy a fun night out. GO JAZZ!!! (I hope they win so I get my free Big Mac lol).