Thursday, October 28, 2010

Multi-stake youth halloween party

Andrey, me and the girls had a good time last night at our multi-stake youth Halloween activity. One of the advantages of being a youth leader is getting invited to all these fun activities. It was FREEZING cold, but we still got all dressed up in our costumes and ready to have some fun. I was a witch, Andrey was a wizard (Everyone called him "Gandolf"-sorry if I mispelled it), Emma was a witch, and Ellie was "Tinkerbell." We had layers and coats on cause of the freezing weather so it was silly to even dress up, but we had fun with the activities planned for the night: bobbing for apples (Emma won), a halloween scavenger hunt, eating scones and hot apple cider, the candy guessing game, costume contest (Andrey won without even trying to. lol) pumpkin decorating contest (sigh...we didn't win....ok so I cheated), "guess what name is on your back by asking yes and no questions", and they also had fire pits all over the grass area for everyone to stand around when they got too cold. It was fun with the music blasting and being able to visit and look at all the fun costumes. Some of our favorites were the girls with laundry baskets round them full of laundry, the santa claus with a "naughty" had on his head, the pink and green "Care Bears", Jack Sparrow, and my counselor, Michele, had a cape on, her hair all spiked, and a big "B.S." on her shirt. lol It was a fun night and I am glad the girls and all our youth (that went) had a great time. Hallween is such a fun holiday-and the fun has only begun. BOO!!!

Happy birthday Travis!!!

Today is my brother in law's birthday. We love you Travis and hope you have a wonderful birthday. We can't wait to celebrate your birthday on Sat. morning! Partay time!!! Travis is so funny, loves all his nieces and nephews, has the best sense of humor, loves his wife (Robyn) and daughter Lucy so much. He has an amazing singing voice, and would do anything for anyone. He is very talented and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family. Happy birthday!!!

Happy 17th Birthday, Bailee!

My sister, Bailee, turned 17 on Oct. 22. She got her drivers license, gets to date lots, so I think she is one happy 17 year old. =0) We had fun joining the family for dinner and watching her open all her fun presents with a little "Heavy, heavy, hang over, thy poor head. What do you wish this person with a bonk! on the head?" Bailee is amazing. She is always so outgoing, playing tennis (going to be the team captain next year), in madrigals (has an amazing voice), plays the piano, violin, very friendly to all, is amazing at setting a goal and working hard at achieving it. She is an amazing example to me and we love her so much. Happy Birthday Bailee!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gardner Village fun

We had so much fun in Gardner Village today. The witches were a lot of fun to see. Our favorites were the hoola hooping witch and the one on the boat with the dynamite. We love that place.

Happy Halloween!

We had such a fun day at Gardner village. The girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes and had fun seeing the witches, pumpkins and all the fun stores they have there. I think that is one of my favorite places to go! Happy Halloween!(I am too lazy to turn the pictures. I will do that another day)....

Friday, October 15, 2010

We love Fall

Fall is so beautiful, the leaves change colors, the weather is perfect. We get to decorate the yard for Halloween (we like to go full out). The girls get so excited for their costumes, trying them on every day. I am halfway through with my pregnancy (22 weeks to be exact). We had fun with daddy (Andrey) taking pictures of them. Emma refused to smile, but it was better than leaving her out. lol Happy Fall to everyone! (sorry, the pictures are turned the wrong direction)....

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a .....

(this cute cake was made from my friend Julia...such a sweet friend!)

Andrey and I went in the morning to our ultra sound appointment where we saw a very active baby. The radiologst had a hard time seeing what the sex of our baby was. And then when she finally got a good shot, the umbil. (sp?) cord was in the way (between the legs) so she had to continue on measuring things. Everything was perfect. The heart, kidneys, brain, stomach, feet and hands, and a cute little nose. The baby was folded in half and kicked itself in the face a few times. lol She finally was able to see what it was. We are having....
A BOY!!!
We are so so excited. Andrey said, "I am sending it back if it's a girl!" the sad thing is that I kinda believe him, so "thank you baby for being a" It is the first boy on my side of the family so they are all excited. We had a "Glover Gender Party" where we decorated their house in Pink balloons and blue streamers to confuse them and after a spaghetti dinner and visiting for a while (and dragging it out as long as possible), we showed them the U/S video where they guessed what the baby was. They were very excited and baby got lots of pats and talking to after. Andrey is just glowing with pride. We have decided to name him Ethan Andrey Glover (ok so the name was picked out before we ever had any just took a while to have a boy). We love our girls though and would have loved another girl, but we are very excited to have a boy. As Andrey said to the doctor, "Third time's a charm!" lol We are so happy and now it's time to learn what to do with a boy. uh oh.... My due date is going to stay February 18, 2011.