Friday, October 31, 2008

It's here. It's here! Happy Haunting!

Emma came running into my room really early (and she is my lazy one that likes to sleep in) and jumped on me telling me that it was dark and time to go trick or treating. No, it is dark because she came and woke me up so early.....

I told her all the fun things we were doing today: going to my dad's school he teaches at and making a witches' brew, going to my sisters' Halloween Party, coming home for a nap (yeah, right), eating lunch (when all they can think of is candy), then when daddy comes home, we are going trick or treating!!! She was jumping up and down screaming-of course waking everyone else up. But to my surprise, everyone was up already, and Ellie was also in high spirits. She must know something different is going on today. I finished the day by telling her about the last Halloween party we are going to later tonight. She was excited because it starts at her bed time, meaning that she doesn't have to go to bed on time. We are nice parents, I know, and I'll be kicking myself for this tomorrow...oh, well.

We got the girls all ready this morning in their costumes 'cause they couldn't wait until noon, and I know I've already posted them in their costumes, but they are just so darn cute. So, Happy Halloween and have fun and be safe. =0)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost Halloween!!!

The girls are so excited. They woke up and Emma ran into the livingroom to see how many chains were left on our countdown and there was....drum more. She was running around the room screaming and Ellie, who had no idea what was going on, was copying Emma. It was so cute.

This morning we made some Halloween cupcakes and Emma got to put spiders on them. Ellie learned a new word today. She goes around the house saying, "oooo....Scary." It is so cute in her little voice.

We took cupcakes to some neighbors and looked at our cool front yard that we worked on for an hour last night. It is so "ooooo....scary." We are so excited for tomorrow. Happy Halloween to all of you!

In the front yard, Emma and Ellie are terrified of all the scary things we put out there. Emma doesn't like to go out there at night. We put some black lights out so everything (including the spider webs) glow and it looks really creepy.
The only thing that Emma really likes, is that her "best friend" the skeleton is riding her bike.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Young Women And Excellence Program

We just finished our Young Women and Excellence Program last night and I feel so relieved to have it done and over with. This preperation has been stressing me out majorly and I am still not sure why...sure cause the stake will be there, the parents, hopeing the girls would love this moment and want to continue on working on their personal progress, I'm not sure exactly why...
We had a lot of fun with it though. We did the theme: "Baby, Look At You Now." From the song that Bing Crosby sings. We set up the gym and invitations like a baby shower. We had Zo (my secretary and PP leader) speak about what the Personal Progress Program is and how it helps the young women. We then had a board that had everyone's baby pictures up and we had to guess who was who. That was a lot of fun and we served drinks and snacks while they played this game. We then had the young women and leaders stand up as we pointed out their pictures and saw who had the most right. We then had the girls go and present their projects they worked on. Some made pjs, did a 14 day walk with Chirst, memorized hymns and led the music in church (my newest beehive, who was terrified and shared a few scared tears while she was up there in front of everyone-bless her heart), and some did service projects, etc. It was fun to see them, how they have matured and become such beautiful girls. We then had a slide show that the ward clerk put together for me, playing the Bing Crosby song and "I Am A Child of God" while the families laughed as they saw all the activities their girls have been in since they were 8-18 (we also had slides of them in Activity days). I then tied the theme in, saying how we all saw these girls as babies (pictures) and growing up over the years (slide show) and now (I had a mirror with a "Baby, Look at you now" sign on it) they have grown up to be beautiful young women who have accomplished so much and will some day make wonderful mother and wives, and are loving daughters of our Heavenly Father. It was sweet to see the love that the parents have for them. The bishop then tied everything in and we let the parents walk around and look at the projects and we served dessert-ice cream cake rolls (that I attempted to make. =0)). It was a fun and touching night. I sure do love the girls in my ward, and I love being able to serve them in my new calling.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Costumes

My sister and brother in law are taking my girls to a Halloween party tonight so Andrey and I can go out on a long awaited date (I know, I am so lucky to have a great family like that). I got the girls in their costumes to see what would fit (especially for Ellie who would be a lady bug or Little Mermaid) and this is how cute they are.

Emma made a chain and there are only 13 more days until Halloween. We are so excited!!! =0)

And Ellie is already sneaking Halloween candy....silly girl:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are an aunt and uncle again

My sister-in-law, Jennifer had her baby girl finally. Yah! Her family is just adorable and I love them all so much. I am excited for them to have baby number 4. Two boys and two girls. Baby 4 is named Kennedy. She was born in the IHC hospital. She is 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 18 in. she is just a little thing. I can't wait to see her. Welcome baby Kennedy (I don't know if that is how they are spelling her name). Congratulations Madsens!!!

Letter H

Emma was excited to learn the letter H because, "H is for Holli." She says. She is in this stage where we are no longer mom and dad, but Holli and Andrey. It drives me crazy, but I can't help but laugh.
We had her color her letter H in her coloring book and then she picked piglet dressed as a ghost holding a jackolantern. She colored that telling me what she was going to be for Halloween (Sleeping Beauty) and was getting more and more excited for Halloween.
I blew up balloons and put activities on paper and put them in the balloons (thanks for the idea mom). Emma popped a few and we would do that activity. The first day we did the "Magic Boo" activity. I got white paper and with a white crayon, wrote "BOO!" and drew a ghost. Emma couldn't see it (good, she was playing along with the 'magic') so I got watercolors and she painted all over the paper until she could see the hiding message and picture. She had so much fun looking for it and being able to make a mess painting.
The next day we popped some more balloons and made a Halloween chain where every night Emm and Ellie get to tear off a chain and when they are gone, it is time to dress up and go trick-or-treating-Halloween!
The girls colored on paper and we cut that out to form the chain. Ellie has taken a strong liking to coloring so she helped a lot (and is eating fewer and fewer crayons).
The next activity we did was sucker ghosts. We got blow pup suckers, tissue, tape, and a marker. Emma put the tissue over the sucker and I taped it up. Emma learned how to draw eyes, nose, and mouths, so she got to decorate the faces. We made one for Grandma, Grandpa, Bailee and Kaycee (they were watching them that night while Andrey and I had our mutual activities-miniture golfing and Halloween dress up Party). She then made more for the women that I visit teach.
It is fun to see her learning a lot of new things and using her imagination.
I wonder what activities we will do today for the letter 'H'.

72 Hour Kits

We finally have our 72 hour kits completed. It has been stressed to be prepared because of the times and there are a lot of natural disasters and other things that will be arising soon. That is all I have heard. Andrey has stressed to me the importance he feels of getting our food storage up. We have such a little house that there is no where to put anything. Andrey started to put in new cupboards so one is designated for food storage only. We have a good start to it and feel comfortable so far. We just need to stock up on water (i'm not living off of Magna water...yuck!!!). =0)
Every Sunday that we go to my parent's house, we read more from the prepardness book and get different things ready: 72 hour kits, an emergency plan set up, etc.
We chose a spot where we would all meet if we were in the middle of a flood, fire, earthquake, etc. and my dad spent his $100 prize money from being the teacher of the year for each of us. They bought us food for 72 hours and we bought backpacks and separated and labeled all the food, posting the expiration dates on a calendar so we knew when to rotate the food.
I have our food packs together for the four of us and finished getting the clothes and sanitary itiems updated.
I am scared of the thought of having to use these, but I feel better now knowing that we are more prepared for a natural disaster.

Happy 80th Birthday

Grandpa Dean is Andrey's Grandpa. He turned 80 on Sat. and we threw him an awesome birthday party. Marilyn (his daughter) and other siblings made this such a great get together. There were tables all around the gym with a bunch of balloons as center pieces and there was soups, salads, and a whole bunch of desserts (which I forgot to bring...sorry again).
This was a special weekend because Grandpa found out he has cancer and decided not to go through chemotherapy, so he won't be with us much longer.
The children, grandchildre, and other relatives took turns going up and sharing their favorite memory of Grandpa and inbetween, there were musical numbers put together. The great grandchildren (Emma) sang the primary song, "We All Have Fun When Grandpa Comes..." I don't know the for sure title. Emma didn't memorize all the words, but she would wait for the last word of each phrase and would sing it really loud. =0)
The girls (me) sang two songs that were his favorites about Nevada.
The grandsons (Andrey) sang a Hymn that described Grandpa and how he makes us all feel.
After we were done with the program, we all went out side and took turns taking pictures with Grandpa.
This was an emotional, but wonderful get together, where we got to pay tribute to Grandpa and share our love for him. He is such a strong, hard working, loving man, who is always serving others and never thinking of himself. He is a wonderful example and I am so grateful that my girls got to know him a little better. Emma loves him so much and loves to go to Bountiful to visit him. Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teacher Of The Year

A couple months back, Andrey and I were shopping at Walmart and i saw a box where you enter in who you think the best teacher is and what qualities make him/her the best teacher of the year...I filled it out for my dad. He really is a great teacher and I have become friends with a lot of his older students and they have always told me the things they loved about him. After writing a small paragraph, I went on my way totally forgetting about that.
Last week, my mom called and said that my dad's school was throwing him a surprise assembly because he had won the Teacher of the Year Award. I asked who sponsored it, and yup, Walmart was. How exciting. Many other people had entered in their own reasons as to why my dad deserved this award, and it was exciting to go to his school....well, sneak into his school and all of us (family memebers) lined up the back of the gym and waited as the Walmart representatives announced that their was a winner from Western Hills Elementary. He continued to read the reasons why that teacher deserved this award and then, drum roll, they announced my dad. It was so fun to see his shock and then flattery as he walked up to the front to receive his prizes. There was money going toward the school, personal money for my dad, as well as a plaque and other prizes. How exciting. We continued to wait for him to notice us all there, but it took Lavern to point us out. He was shocked that we knew for a whole week and didn't say a single work. Hee, hee. Congratulations Dad. Love you and we're all so proud of you and your accomplishments.