Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 months old

Ethan is just growing up so much-so Quickly! He is so happy, always smiling and very ticklish, so we can get the cutest giggle out of him. He sleeps through the night (thank you!), he is holding his head up really well now. He loves playing with his sister-watching them run around and play. He loves when we talk and sing to him. He coos and babbles all the time and loves when we converse with him in excitement. He loves his Bumbo chair Aunt Serenie bought for him. He feels like such a big boy being able to sit up in it. He is the best cuddler. Now if only we could get him to like taking his baths. We are so grateful to have Ethan in our family and just love him so much.

Happy birthday Dad!

It was my dad's 53 birthday on the 22nd. We had such a great time celebrating this special day with him. I love my dad's sense of humor, his great support and love for his grandchildren, and always making each of us feel special. We love you dad and hope you had a wonderful birthday!