Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles....

Ethan's first bubble bath with his sisters.
"What is all this white stuff everywhere?" Ethan seemed to say.

Other fun moments of 2011

Ethan's sisters are so mean...or so nice, to include him in their dress up sessions. He loves the attention.
Our handsome 1 year old.
Cousins playing with all Ethan's new toys...and Ethan goes for the necklaces. He's our manly man.
Ethan's cake was so amazing. Our friend, Julia Dyches made it for him. He wasn't sure what to do, but had fun tearing it apart.
What a fun time he had opening presents (or playing with tissue paper, eating the wrapping paper, and getting mad when we would take a toy away to open another).
Happy First birthday Ethan!
Our big boy all grown up in his high chair doing what his loves most-eating.
This is Ethan's girlfriend, Sophie. He loves to hug and kiss her at church, and make her scream. They are so cute to watch.
Ethan got his first hair cut with his daddy. He is such a stud (and Ethan is too of course).
Ethan's aunt, Robyn, made him this sock monkey and it is his favorite thing. he HAS to have it with him when he goes to sleep. She has had to fix it once already because he just loves it to death.
Ethan's favorite thing (next to his mom of course) is water. He loves bath time and whenever he hears the shower/tub turn on, he is right in there,watching and waiting for it to fill up so he can splash away.
These three kids are just the best of friend. Ethan is so spoiled from his sisters. It's so fun to watch them together.
My new hair cut-change of 2012 and then it was colored a red/brown color.

Ethan's 1 year old pictures

Travis Green (our brother in law) took some fun pictures for us of Ethan for his 1 year old pictures. Take a look at a few of them:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

City Creek

My family and I had such a fun time at the City Creek. We loved watching the magician, the human statue that scared everyone when she would reach out and touch them, the water falls and fountains, all the fun samples and performers, and the Eclipse session we got. They were so sweet to take pictures with their #1 fans, me, Bailee, and Kaycee (my sisters). It was so fun to hear them perform and scare them with our stalker-like qualities.
We had such a great time and I will for sure be visiting again.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

7 months later

Wow, I have not been updating my blog for a while, but have been great at posting pictures on facebook. So sorry to any followers (if there are any out there) for not keeping you updated with our little family. I have a hard time updating when the site just doesn't let me post pictuers. But i will do my best.(our little cousin Keenan that we babysat for the year).
What a fun year it's been.
Emma loves kindergarten and is doing great. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Bennett. She got all 5s on her grades (0-5 grading). She loves all her friends and shows me her "club" list each day. She has so many playmates and loves having her neighbor friend, Micaela in class with her at church and school. They are going to be out of school in 2 more months. i can't believe how fast it went this year. We love doing carpooling with Marshal's mom and it makes it nice for Ethan to not be woken up from his nap time to get big sister. Emma is reading now and is amazing at coloring, with doing math, making friends, and is such a big help in her class.
I have loved serving on the PTA this year and being over the Reflections program. It was fun to see all the entries the students submitted and putting on my first assembly. My favorite part though, is being able to help Emma's teacher in her classroom. I am so grateful to Andrey for making it possible for me to stay home with the kids so I am able to have these experiences.
Ellie is 4 and loves learning to count and do numbers and cut up anything i let her. She is really crafty. Her and Emma are taking dance at Jazzle Dazzle, doing ballet, tap, and tumbling. They love it and are so good. We got to watch their Christmas recital and it was so cute to see them in there bright green and pink costumes dancing with their candy canes. It was so fun to have all our family there to support them. We are excited to watch their Spring recital.
The girls love riding bikes and playing with their new friends, Rebekah, Jamie, Anne, and Nick. They are my little social butterflies.
Andrey is working for his own company again and loves it. He usese the Franchise of At home services and has been very busy. I love being able to do book keeping for him and having some control over his schedule so we get to see him from time to time.
I am still the Young womens president and am excited to meet the new girls now that our boundaries have changed. Andrey was put in as the Scout Master again and is so excited. I love being able to see him at mutual 2 times a month. I made a drastic physical change and chopped off about 9 inches of my hair and then dyed it a red/black color. It's been crazy getting used to it, but I love the change.
Ethan is 1 now and we had a great time at his party watching him eat his basketball cake, made by Julia Dyches, and have loved watching him grow up. He has had it rough with getting Asthma, spraining his thumb, getting reapeted ear infections, but he is such a trooper and is so happy. He loves playing with his sisters and loves his daddy. He is a daddy's boy and just showers us with hugs and kisses all the time. He has such a contagious laugh and brings so much happiness to our lives. His favorite things to say are "Momma, Emma, and NO! NO! NO!" He is great at walking along furniture and crawling. He loves to do summersaults and race us (crawling) and playing catch with his sisters, while rolling the ball on the ground.
We had a great Halloween, with Emma being a Barbie, Ellie was Ariel and we made her hair red, which she loved, and Ethan was a monkey, and I was a bee and Andrey bought himself a Bee Keepers outfit. It was so cool. Poor Ellie got the flu but made it to some trick r treating and Emma was so nice about sharing with her.
Christmas was so much fun. The girls were so excited to get everythign and anything and Andrey and I did so good at saving this year. We made a lot of our gifts and had fun shopping on Amazon.
My goal this new year was to lose all the baby weight i gained with Ethan (which was about 50 lbs.) and I am so happy to say that I am back to my beginning weight before i was pregnant with him, so that was something I loved working on-jogging each morning, walking with friends, doing toning exercises, and now, I am ready for baby #4. No, not really. I actually am not sure if I am able to have anymore. The scary thing is I got 2 superficial blood clots on my legs and my back is so bad, Andrey (and my mom) are worried that I may not make it to raise my kids, so it's been sad and trying to think about our future and any other additions to our family. But we are so grateful and blessed for the ones we do have.
We hope you all had wonderful holidays and that this year has been great for you. We love you!