Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekend Kitten

Andrey and I were outside after a big storm when we heard meows. We found an injured and sick runt kitten. We instantly fell in love and had to care for it until monday, when animal control could get to her. She was such a patient and sweet kitty, while we bathed her, cleaned out her infections, tried to force feed her, and care for her. The girls loved her and it was hard for them to see her go on Monday, but they were glad that the "doctors" were coming to care for her. This was a good experience for the girls to get a taste of what a pet would be like, and a taste for me to decide that we are not yet ready for one. But she sure was a sweet little thing.

Emma's Fundraiser

Friends and family:
Emma is selling the Entertainment book for her school fundraiser. It is for the 2012 year. She is so excited (to win a prize for selling them) so let us know, after looking over your budgets, if you are intersted. She will be selling them through Sept. 8, 2011 so give us a call or e-mail, or shoot a message on over. It is only $25 and has a lot of great coupons inside: your favorite restaraunt, golfing, water parks, etc. We have loved having one this year and have saved so much by using it. Let us know. Thank you!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ethan's little Personality-6 months old

Ethan love his big sisters. They have so much fun with him and they can get him laughing harder than anyone else.After church today Ellie started making noises and he thought it was the funniest thing (video to come). We love seeing his little personality coming out as he is getting older. He communicates more, is very observant, and loved giving (wet) kisses.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Garden

We were told by our Stake President this year to make sure everyone plants a garden. Even if you llive in an apartment, plant something in a box. He didn't care. His challenge for us was to make sure we had something.
We took this seriously and after getting our food storage caught up, we went full out on a garden. Our backyard is on almost a half an acre, so we tilled the ground and picked anything and everything to plant.
It was a lot of fun for Emma and Ellie this year since they are older and could help out more, so they are very proud to see what we have grown.
It is a treat for them to pick everything and to water. Today Emma and I went a harvesting and this is what we found:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New crib for Ethan

I have been spoiled and have been spoiling Ethan by letting him sleep in bed with me. I am a light sleeper, so rolling on him is not a concern for me. I don't want to have him in my bed till he is 25, so we decided it was time for a crib.
I am always worried about losing a child by malfunctioning of a crib, so we bought a brand new one. Andrey got such a great deal on it because it was the display crib at the store and there was a small scratch on it. It was such a good price, we couldn't pass it up.
I was excited because that meant my bedroom was going to be re-arranged (until my real room is finished), so we got to work and I just love the crib. Ethan seems to love it and we will see how he does tonight not being next to mom. Crossies!

Preschool with Ellie

Ellie so badly wanted to go to Kindergarten with her big sister, Emma, but I told her she needed to wait one more year. We decided to enjoy this one on one time and do preschool.
We started this week by focusing on the letter 'A'. Each week I will teach her a new letter and a few numbers. We start by singing our "A,B,Cs" and counting to 20.
We have done crafts, read books, learned songs that go along with that letter we are focusing on, practice writing her name, the learned letter and numbers. Ellis is having a great time and loves being able to show Emma and dad what she learned when they get home from school/work.
Ellie is a smart girl and is very excited to learn new things. I am grateful for this time that I have with her.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ethan has been drinking bottle after bottle lately and just can't get full. Our pediatritian said with his weight to hold off on baby food and cereal till he is 6 months. Andrey and I decided to try it now (a few weeks early) so he could stay full longer. The girls were so excited to see him try cereal for the first time, they raced out of the tub. Ethan made funny faces but couldn't get enough of the food. It's so sad to see him growing up so quickly. He loves rolling over and has mastered from his tummy to his back and back to tummy, so he is all over the floor. He is going to be scooting soon with his cute chicken legs. We just love him. (video soon to come).

First day of Kindergarten

What an exciting morning for Emma (and mom and dad) today was. After getting a father's blessing last night, Emma quickly fell asleep, excited for the next morning when she would begin Kindergarten. She did great on her assesment test with her new teacher, Mrs. bennett, where her teacher was shocked to hear that Emma was already sounding out words. Emma loves her teacher and was so excited for the day to begin. She had her outfit and backpack all ready to go, her homework done and ready to be turned in.
After making her eat breakfast, we loaded up the kids and dad and I went on the fun walk to school. Ellie was sad she didn't get to go, but excited to start preschool with mommy.
As the children lined up, Emma was excited to see one of her best friends, Micaela, in her class. It was fun for me to see other parents there, some very emotional, and some excited to see their children enter this next step in their life. "They are so excited, but only if they really knew what they were really getting into...." said one of the fathers. After cameras were done flashing, and Mrs. bennett told the students to wave goodbye to their parents, tears wiped, the parentes headed into the garden area where the PTA had a breakfast set up for us to mingle and eat. It was a nice morning to get a tour, sign up for clubs and programs the school has to offer (I am excited to be on the PTA, over the Reflextions program). I am so excited for Emma to come home and to hear about her first day of school. She is so grown up.