Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Letter K

Today we learned about the letter K. We colored our K in the alphabet coloring book and sang a song about Kangaroos (tune to "If you're happy and you know it"). We then traces big K and little k. Emma does a really good job at tracing letters. That seems to be her favorite part. It is fun to see her color and instead of coloring, she is writing her letters. Some letters are hard for her to remember, like 'D', 'G', and 'J'. We will keep practicing though. We then used beans (instead of popcorn Kernals cause Emma didn't like the color of them. Lol) and filled up the letter 'K'/'k'. That was a lot of fun to see her using glue and smaller objects. She has really good fine motor skills.

I told her a story about a Koala Bear and what they eat. She colored a koala bear and we put him together on a toilet paper roll.
We then ended by singing "Lets go fly a kite" and colored and made a kite. It's too cold to go outside with it, so she has been running around the house, attempting to make her little kite fly.
We love the letter K. And Emma thinks it's funny how big the Koala Bear's nose is.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just for fun

Emma, my pretty princess...
Ellie loves accessorising (sp?). One cool chica...

Ellie is always so worn out...

HAWT!!! That's all I have to say. Lol...

Goofy Emma, obsessed with crossing her eyes...

Ellie, the one who hates being messy, but always seems to be the messiest...

Ellie has such a big heart and loves babies. She is ready to be a big sister...

Emma, our little dancer and singer. She's a rock star...

Emma, crossing her eyes...what can I say? lol...

Letter J

Emma wanted to do school on a Saturday, so we finished eating breakfast (thanks Andrey for making us yummy eggs) and got ready to learn about the letter 'J'. Emma colored her letter 'J' in her letter book. 'J' is for jet and a jackolantern. After coloring (with markers even-since she is 3 now...so she says), we traced the letter 'J' and little 'j'. Emma did a really good job. Each letter we have to make up a story so she will remember the letter. She remembers the letter 'J' bythinking that it's a cat's tail. I thought it was a cute way to remember. She then colored a letter J and colored hair, bow, eyes, eyebrows, lips, and a nose and put it together on the letter 'J' for a person-like the ones you see on Sesame Street. While she was doing that, I sang the "Jack and Jill" song and told her that story. We colored a page that had that story on it and she told me her own version of the story. Apparently, Jill pushed Jack down the hill. But Emma liked saying the letter 'J' in their names. We then learned some songs that had words using the letter 'J'. My favorite was:

(To the tune: "If you're happy and you know it...")

Oh, I wish I was a jiggling jellyfish.

Oh, I wish I was a jiggling jellyfish.

I would jiggle and I'd jive, with my friends I'd give high fives.

Oh, I wish I was a jiggling jellyfish.

I think I liked the song a little bit more than Emma. I would put actions to it and after the 5th time I was singing it and dancing in front of her, she gave me an annoyed look and said, "Okay, Mom, I think that's enough." Well, I'm soooo sorry. I told her. It was funny.

We had a lot of fun today learning about the letter 'J'.

"Oh I wish I was a jiggling jelly fish...."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sisterly Love

Oh. My girls were so cute today. They usually do whatever they can to get each other mad, but today Emma was being so sweet. She dressed Ellie is a pretty "princess" dress and they played dress up all day-dancing and singing. And Ellie was sad so I went to check on her and there Emma was, hugging her and telling her, " It's ok Ellie, I am right here." It was so cute!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Silly Girls Part 2

Ellie copies everything that Emma does. We heard a "clunk, clunk" while we were getting dinner ready the other night and looked in the hallway to see Emma and Ellie trying to walk in "Daddy's" big boots. They would fall all over each other, laugh, help each other up, and then it would go from there. They are so funny.

We made cupcakes today for one of the young men in our ward. We felt bad that he was going to mutual on his birthday and wanted to make him feel loved, so the girls helped me...well Emma did anyway. She is the master "sprinklerer" as she calls it. Ellie helped in her own way...as the taste tester.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rough Times

We are having a hard time right now and I am throwing this request out there....does anyone know of any jobs I can do from home? I need to look into it and was wondering if anyone had any info.? Thanks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More details on Truck...

There is still $14,000 and some change left on the loan. There would need to be a refinance and it would be $350 a month (worst case senerio on the payments). It's 4 wheel drive, stick shift. Has camper shell for back. Off road package, towing package. Front rear differencial lock. All factory. It's goldish/tan color. there is about 140,000 mls. on it because the guy who is driving it now works for my husband's company ...construction-so lots of traveling. Well maintained. Good tires. It is a 2 door. Oh, and it's a Toyota Tacoma, 2002.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Truck For Sale....

There is still $14,000 and some change left on the loan. There would need to be a refinance and it would be $350 a month (worst case senerio on the payments). It's 4 wheel drive, stick shift. Has camper shell for back. Off road package, towing package. Front rear differencial lock. All factory. It's goldish/tan color. there is about 140,000 mls. on it because the guy who is driving it now works for my husband's company ...construction-so lots of traveling. Well maintained. Good tires.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ellie's New Years Dance

The video is turned the wrong way, but Ellie has the cutest little boogy that she does, so while listening to ABBA, she rocked out with her little hips.

Happy New Year!!!

It is finally 2009 (even though I have been writing that by mistake for about a month now). We had a quiet new years eve. We put on some movies and the girls fell asleep on me by 11. Andrey was out on the couch by 10 (boring...I know) and I watched the ball drop...having Andrey wake up so I could kiss his face off. lol. Sad, I know. The next day was a lot more fun. We had our traditional new years day breakfast at Denny's with my parents, sisters, and brother in law. We had some good food and then went back to my mom's for a movie. We saw Eagle Eye (very good). We then hung out and played for a few hours. Andrey and I had a movie-a-thon night and stayed up till 2 A.M. It was a fun day and I just can't seem to get enough of my family.
One of my new years resolutions is to GET EMMA POTTY TRAINED!!! My goodness, she is 3 and should be going on the toilet by now...it drives me crazy. So, starting ....er....tomorrow (lol) we are going to begin this battle. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

"We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!"

We hope all of you had a Merry Christmas-cause we know we did (especially Emma and Ellie). We went to the Glover grandparent's on Christmas eve. We had a wonderful dinner (Todd bought the cheaper turkey...only 90 cents a pound if you get it black.....so he says...lol. what a character). We visited and enjoyed the kids energy (I know i needed it to make it through the night waiting for Santa to arrive).

Emma and Ellie got lots of fun presents from the family that night. Toys, books, clothes, and Bart and Marilyn gave them all blankets and sleeping bags so they can have sleepovers with their grandparents.

It was great to be with Grandpa Dean. This will probably be his last Christmas with us because of his cancer, but we love him and he looked great. It was nice to have a moment to visit with him-to thank him for everything he has done for our little family.

When we got home, the girls and mom and dad opened our Christmas Eve gift-pjs to wear for Christmas. Emma and Ellie both got Princess pjs. Mom got a nice warm set of pjs that dad bought all by himself (pat on his back) and Andrey got Dr. Pepper pj bottoms (his favorite drink).

We then ate the last piece of chocolate from our Christmas countdown and got Santa's milk and cookies ready. Emma was so hyper it took her until almost 11 to fall asleep. Ellie was so angry that we woke her up on the way home for all this craziness. She was happy to see her bed.

We woke up bright and early to find lots of snow outside. Did Santa come?Emma ran to the plate and cup and saw that he had indeed arrived and left without her seeing him. She was so upset and didn't understand why he couldn't wait for her to say hi and thank you. We turned on some background Christmas and had fun watching the girls open their gifts. Emma got a Barbie from Fairytopia, a pet dog (not real...I don't want indoor pets so that's all she gets till she is older and can take care of one), clothes, my little pony toys, a piggy bank she wanted for her money she gets when she helps with chores, lots of candy, and more toys. Ellie got a pet can (again, not real), tub toys, clothes, baby, stroller (since Emma and her fight over the one that they have), and more toys. While they were playing with their toys, Andrey and I opened our gifts. I got lots of clothes, the new Hillary Weeks CD ( I love her!), A BIKE (now we can go bike riding), fun stocking stuffers, a cute sweater/jacket that I wanted, and more. Andrey got this calogne that he has been looking for for years. He got nice shirts, stocking stuffers, movies, and more (I can never remember).

After our little Christmas at home, we drove slowly to Spanish Fork to visit Andrey's mom and step dad. We had lunch there and opened gifts and visited. The girls got more toys and beautiful matching dresses they got to wear the following Sunday to church. I collect Willow Tree dolls and got a WT box with a carving in it and another Summer Angel (my birthday is in the summer). I also got a giftcard to Roberts. YEAH! Andrey got a small quad....these scriptures he has wanted for years. He also got a nice new watch since all his others happen to break so easily.

After that fun trip, we drove to Kearns to my family. We had a nice dinner and sat down to our big 4 foot stockings that we get spoiled with each year. There were so many fun toys and goodies inside of them. We then did our gift exchange. I made Robyn, my sister, a scrapbook calendar. It was fun to see her enjoy the pictures of the family members on both sides of her family. It was fun to do something less expensive, but put more work and feeling into it. I hope she liked it. We got lots of clothes...and I got....the new Hillary Weeks CD...again...Andrey was in so much trouble for forgetting that my mom told him NOT to get that for me....oops. It was funny to see how angry she got at him...he felt so bad.
We watched a movie and visited till we were all falling asleep. (these pictures will be posted soon).
We had a fun night and we finised the weekend off with another party at my aunts house where we enchanged gifts...but this year is was with a recipe and ingredient. It was fun to visit, sing, make our HUGE snowman, and watch all the kids play together.
We has such a fun Christmas, but it was nice to sit back and see all the love that we have for each other, and for our Savior. That is what makes Christmas so special and memorable to me.