Saturday, August 22, 2009


For friends and family:
Vernon Joseph Wolf, husband, father, brother, and grandfather died on Friday, August 21, 2009 at 4:34 P.M. at his home surrounded by family and loved ones.
~Irene Wolf

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rough Camp

Andrey and I were able to go to our Young women's rough camp. It was so fun. We had Sarah Roose as our camp director and me and my counselors went up with Andrey and Lawrence Hopper as the priesthood leaders. Lawrence brought his wife and two kids and it was so fun to spend time and play with them. We stayed at the Spruces up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We went hiking up Silver Lake. It is so beautiful. The ponds and lake are amazing, the greenery and flowers are so pretty, and all the rock formations and just the whole area is breath taking. If you have not been there I suggest you go.
We then set up camp while our Fairy Godmother (one of my counselors) went around and left gifts for the girls.
Let me back track a little. Our theme was "Princess: Find the royal within you." with the scripture being Romans 8:16-17 (I It was mainly for the girls to focus on their divine nature and to know that they truly are princesses, heirs to God, and were beautiful and had so much to offer to the rest of us. They have a Heavenly Father who loves them and knows each of them and we wanted them to leave knowing that they are truly loved daughters of a Heavenly Father.
We had crafts that each of us, as leaders, were over. They made wands out of the large pixie sticks, tiaras out of the shiny pipe cleaner, colored castly key chains, made princess picture frames to put their pictures in, and made mail boxes out of decorated paper bags. We then strung the bags from tree to tree so they could leave notes and secret sister gifts in them as they wanted.
We had an amazing dinner, eating Navajo tacos and enjoying the cutest speaker. Her name was Carolyn Kemp. She dressed up as the Fairy Godmother and danced and acted out the song to Shrek 2 (where the fairy godmother sings to Fiona). It was so cute and she then talked to them about how to be princesses, finding their prince that can take them to the temple, and other dating standards. She then focused the rest of the evening on their love and beauty as daughters of God. I was so impressed with her and know that the girls enjoyed her and hopefully will take the time to have a relationship with their Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, and come to know of their true potential as daughters of God.
We had s'mores and went snipe hunting with our 4 girls and one leader that have never been. It was so fun to scare and surprise them. I love snipe hunting. lol
We ended the night by singing softly around the camp fire.
The next morning, after cleaning up camp and eating omlets for breakfast, we played games, where each leader was over a game. We played scripture charades. We would split up into two teams and each one would act out the scripture story while the other team tried to guess which one it was. We had so much fun and saw how creative the girls are. And how well they do...or don't....know their scripture stories. lol
We then played a game called "Spud" where everyone is given a number. The person up throws a ball in the air while yelling out a number. The person who's number is called runs up and catches the ball or retrieves it and yells "SPUD!". Meanwhile, the rest of the players are running while the ball is thrown in the air and when "SPUD!" is yelled, they must freeze where they are. The person who's number is called then is able to take three steps towards someone and throws the ball at them. The person who is getting the ball thrown at themself can dodge the ball by ducking, but cannot move their feet. If they get tagged, they are up and are given the letter "S" if they are not tagged, the person that was up returns to the front and throws the ball in the air. You are out once you spell out the word "SPUD". It was such a fun game and worked well with our girl who was in a wheelchair. I was so glad that she was able to participate in all our activities. Of course, a waterfight broke out in the middle of this game between the girls and the priesthood leaders and we had so much fun with our water war.
We then ended the games with playing human knot where everyone grabs someone elses' hand and tries to get back into a circle, and then playing a few rounds of "Big Buddah." we left camp at 1 and returned to one of my counselor's houses and had lunch and a talent show where the young women got to show off their talents and what made them unique and special. We had many sing, show drawings, gymnastics, pantemiming (sp?) and clogging. We had such a fun time and this camp is one I will always remember.

Cont. Busy busy month

I didn't want to have one extremely long post, so I thought I would split this month up into a few so it makes for easier reading.
After my Grandpa Deans death, we realized that Heavenly Father must need lots of His children back with Him because there are so many deaths around us recently, and sadly enough, while I was at my rough camp this week (another post), my grandpa Vern Wolf suffered a terrible stroke and we are just waiting for him to return Home. I am so torn. I know he is ready to be with my grandma, but is sad to leave his wife he is with right now. I am sad because he means so much to me and the rest of the family. He keeps us all so close by having family get togethers at his home. He is known for his amazing backyard. We play basketball, tetherball, swing, volleyball, horseshoes, his fun trampoline, etc. Our family loves to be together and Grandpa and his children always make it possible. I will be so sad to have things change.
He is the best grandpa. I remember seeing pictures of me and my cousin when we were little sitting on his back while he let us brush his hair (or what was left of it) and put clips and bows in it. He is so loving and family has always been the most important thing to him. He is such a hard worker, always serving those around him and building and fixing things. He is the handy man. I love him so much and will be so sad to not have him there to lay on his tramp with and look at the starts. We are all so lucky to have such amazing grandparents to look up to and love.

Busy, busy month

What a busy month.
It started with my fun birthday. I have Ellie and Emma's birthday right around mine so I always forget my birthday. This year my family made it a memorable and nice one. We had Sunday dinner at my mom's and they had the table mats made out of paper with questions on them about me. We went around the table and I would have to answer the questions. We had an amazing dinner, and a fun night visiting, presents (I got the movie I have been waiting to get- "Mama Mia." I love the music on that show). Andrey then took me out to lunch on Monday, to Letheryby's. We got to double with his work partner, Mark, and his wife, Daisy (it was also her birthday). What a fun family. We sure love that family. We then went and saw a movie. It was a nice, layed back day and I loved being able to spend it with Andrey.
Our good friend, Zach bought us tickets to the Bees game for my birthday, so that was a fun thing to look forward to that week also. The birthday surprises just kept showing up. We are also going to my families in Draper and Spanish Fork for a later birthday dinner(s). I love spending time with my families. We are so lucky to have such amazing families too.
On a sad note, we also had the funeral for our Grandpa, Grandpa Dean. He is an amazing man and it was the best funeral I have been to, to hear about all he had done to bless the lives of those around him. Andrey and I (as well as the rest of the grandchildren) were asked to sing two numbers, "I know my Father lives" and "I need thee every hour." It was so beautiful. Many said it sounded like angels were singing (now I am not sounding cawkey because I couldn't sing I was so emotional. It truly did sound amazing, and that angels really were amongst us). The services and lunch were great and my girls were so cooperative and did such a good job so Andrey and I were able to participate in all the family get togethers. It was so fun to be able to go to Chuck A Rama in behalf of Grandpa, since that was his favorite place to eat. It was fun to think of him, talk about the memories and ways that he blessed us all so much through his testimony and Christ like example.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Go BEES!!!

"Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the Bees. Buy me a hot dog and churro please, I don't care if ....." ok, you get the picture. Ha,ha.

Our good friend, Zach surprised us (me) with tickets (for my birthday) to the Bees game. We went last night and it was so nice. Not to mention that the weather was perfect from the nice rain we got. The seats were awesome. The food was good, and the company was the best. We had a fun time watching the Bees kick (well, hit...with a bat) bum (lol). It was a close game, but they were awesome. And I was so impressed with the pitchers. They could pitch over 90 mph most the time. That is so cool. The fastest I ever got was 42. lol

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Reunion

We had such a great time going to our family reunion (my mom's side). We went to Twim Falls, Idaho.
We got to take our camper (that we got for free) and camp out at a nice KOA for 5 days. The girls were so excited to travel and did great on the long 4 hour drive. They had their toys and movies that entertained them the whole way.
We did lots of swimming at the KOA swmming pool and were able to go to the Snake River and take the boat out, go water skiiing, rafting, play in the sand, burn. lol, We got to see the Ice Caves, Volcanoes, See the Shashone Falls. They are so beautiful. They are taller than Niagra Falls and were amazing. I will get pictures on here once we get the camera back, and Andreys phone (which also has pictures on it from our trip). We had a fun time making meals together and eating together, playing volleyball, miniature golf, going paddle boating, watched movies, etc. It was a nicwe, relaxing reunion and we had a fun time as a family. I love my family and we always have a good time together.
(pictures soon to come). Our girls had a blast and are still talking about it.