Monday, April 20, 2009

Emma and Ellie's new looks

I went a little scissor crazy on the girls and they ended up with shorter hair and bangs...after all the trouble we went through of growing them out. They also got new coats from their cousin, Rylee, and loved wearing them. They love change and Emma kept saying, "Mom, I am so cute, and Ellie is my cute little sister." They are such a joy and we love them so much.

Happy 28th Birthday Andrey!!!

Andrey is soooo old. He is 28 and is already getting gray hair. Okay, not really, but he claims he is going bald. Poor guy. He is silly.We had a lot of celebrating for Andrey this year. He had birthday breakfast, cake for young mens since we had mutual on his actual birthday. We opened presents. He got lots of movies, clothes, and favorite treats. We also dry cleaned his suits he hasn't worn for 4 years so he looked so handsome Easter Sunday. We had a family barbecue on Monday with his Dad and family in Draper. It was so fun to finally meet our new nephew Easton. He is adorable. He is so aware of what's going on around him and loved to just stare at you. We love him so much already and are so happy and excited to have him be a part of our family. Congrats again, Amber and Kimball.We had a barbecue with my family on Sat. where we watched movies and opened presents and had Andrey's favorite, icecream cake.

We then had a last party for him in Spanish Fork on Sunday. We had his favorite dinner, chili, and brownies and icecream. It was a lot of celebrating for such an amazing guy. I love Andrey so much and am so lucky to have him as my best friend and husband. I hope he had a great bithday!!! "You old thing, you!"

Easter in Fillmore

I know Easter was a while back but I finally have the camera back with pictures. We had a fun time once we got to Fillmore and the bead was removed from Ellie's nose. We could relax and enjoy the family that came to visit. We love going to my Aunt's house. Andrey helped them build parts of it when we were dating, so it's fun to go and see it finished-to have seen it step by step to its completion. Anywho...we all made a delicious turkey dinner and ate that. After, while the kids were playing, all the adults went into Wendy's (my aunt) room and played Easter bunny. We all got a pile of candy and eggs in front of us and began stuffing them and writing the names of all the children on them (Sorry for those that still believe in the Easter bunny). We finished this around 11. The girls were so excited togo swimming at the Hotel, so we had a late night, swimming until close to 1 A.M. (bad mom, I know). We had so much fun though letting them jump to us and enjoy the warm water. We then zonked out and were ready in the morning for the Easter egg hunt . All the kids got their bags and began looking for their eggs and were so excited to see the the goodies that were in them. It's fun for Emma now that she knows how to spell her name, so she got to go searching on her own for her eggs. Ellie, on the other hand, just wanted the candy, so whatever egg was in front of her-she would open and start eating away. She needed a little more supervision. The adults all found their goodie bags and we all drove over to the Fillmore Museum property and all the kids got to have another easter egg hunt with all the children in the town. That was a little more exciting for them to see the Easter bunny sitting on a chair with candy in his hands. A little overwhelming for the girls to see that there really was an Easter Bunny. Ellie had no problem going up and grabbing candy, but Emma just admired him from a distance.
We had a fun tour of the museum and were ready to head back to the house when a big bunny came in. Ellie and Emma watched him with their mouths wide open but then to their surprise, the bunny reached up and removed his head. That really go the girls going. Emma sat there for a while staring, trying to figure out what just happened. Ha, Ha. They followed him down the hall where he sat down and continued to remove his costume. Emma was sure confused, so it was a long night explaining that that was the the Easter Bunnie's helper. "Thanks a lot bunny!"

We watched a movie while eating lunch and then headed home. We stopped at the cemetary and looked up some of Andrey's family that the had found whilde doing geneology and got some pictures. We got our favorite-Arbys dinner and enjoyed the beautiful rainy ride home while the girls slept after their long night. They had fun being able to swim again that day and were pooped. It was a fun easter, and they had a great time Sunday with the egg hunt at our house and at Grandma Sampson's.
There favorite surprise that day was their new Easter dresses. They felt so pretty going to church that day.
I hope everyone had a happy, fun, Easter! (more pictures from Fillmore will be put on shortly).

Havin' Fun In The Sun

FINALLY!!! I am so excited to see the sun today. Not only see it, but feel it.
Emma and Ellie are both sick with coughs and colds, but that didn't hold them back. We colored with chalk now that the snow and rain has cleared up. We went on a short walk. We looked at our garden we are growing (right now it is in little cups getting ready for the ground to stay warm enough). We had a picnic lunch, rode their bikes (Ellie still doesn't quite understand how it works), and now we are worn out and ready to take a nap. It was so fun to see the girls in the front yard picking "flowers" (dandelions and other weeds). We havn't cut our grass yet so it is about 9 inches long so they hide in it when they sit down. I had so much fun taking pictures of them enjoying the tall grass and flowers. I am so excited to get our garden growing this year, and being able to play outside more.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dr. Holli to the Rescue

Bead up the nose continues. . . .
After arriving to Fillmore, we went to my aunt's house. We had Andrey holding Ellie, me holding her arms down, cousin Kaleb holding her legs down (so she wouldn't kick everywhere), Aunt Arlene holding her head, and uncle Gordon trying to calm Ellie down while Andrey tried to get the green bead out with tiny tweezers. We tried for a few minutes but Ellie was screaming so hard and kicking. There was no way Andrey could get it out safely. Finally I yelled, "Stop! Her nose is wet enough now. Giver her to me." I took her over to the piano bench and cradled her in my lap. I plugged her good nostril and covered her mouth and blew into it. Our of no where this wet thing hit my neck and everyone ran over to see what happened. I stood up and down fell the bead from my pants. YAH!!! The bead was out of her nose! She jumped out of my arms and ran downstairs to play, like nothing happened. It was so funny, and I am glad that we didn't have to worry about taking her to the E.R.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beads in her nose

First of all, this is my 100th post on this blog. Yah!!!
Every year for Easter, we go to Fillmore-our second home. We have family (Chatlands) that live there. We stay in a nice hotel, go swimming, watch movies, eat a yummy breakfast and then have a fun Easter egg hunt with the town. I love going with the fmaily.
Well, after a crazy day, we finally left at 4 when we were planning on getting there by then.
This isn't the beginning of our crazy day. It started with Ellie complaining about he nose being stuffed. I got the bulb syringe (sp?) and tried sucking whatever I could out. She laughed about it and we moved on. Well, as we were driving past Lehi, I looked up Ellies nose again because she kept saying, "Nost, out!" and to my shock and horror, she had a really big bright green booger in her nose...but no, no no, it wasn't a booger, it was a big bead from a bracelate that Emma broke last week. I thought I had picked up all the pices, but Ellie must have saved one for such an occasion. I called my aunt who lives in Fillmore, and is luckily a nurse at the hospital there and asked her what we could do while we were driving (it was going to be a long trip because of some accident in Springville). She told me a doctor there would have the mom (or himself) plug the good nostril and lightly (so to not fill up the lungs) blow into the mouth and sometimes it would force the object out.
Oh, how crazy Ellie thought I was. She would laught so hard at me and kept trying to stick her tongue out (YUCK!). After a few attempts, we gave up.
Now we are on a long drive to Fillmore with me making sure she doesn't stick her little finger up her nose. =0)
More details to come....