Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas activities

 Ethan has an obsession with diapers. Silly kid
 "My diapers" he is thinking
 Ethan is like his mom and LOVES "Oreos"
 Loves his "Lego" wagon
 Tea Party with niece, Lucy
 "I love this tea party!" she kept saying
 Fairy princess having a "pretty" tea party.
 Where is Ethan?
 Making goodies for neighbors
 All done, but half didn't turn out. Note to self: don't cook and make candies on a stormy day.
 Ready to deliver!
 Kids wrestling. I think Ethan won.
 "HELP!" Emma screams
 Attempt at family pictures at Festival of Trees 2012. Ethan just wouldn't cooperate.
 Eating candy and being silly after Festival of Trees
Silly kids with their messy faces. Had a fun day!

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