Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Food Storage

I went to an amazing class this last weekend that taught how to use our foodstorage and how to constantly stock up with what you need. I was re motivated and re organized my food storage and other cupboards. I am so glad I did, I found that I will save money. How did I see this? Well I have 6 cans of pan spray, 5 bottles of vanilla, etc. So by doing inventory (by labeling my shelves) this will help me to plan meals each month, and keep inventory of what I need and don't need. Next step, planning monthly meals and getting more water. It's nice to feel less stressed and more prepared.

For more details, read the book, I Dare You to Eat It

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Emma!

My sweet Emma turned 7 this week. What an amazing girl she is. I look at her and cry because she is turning into such a special daughter of our Heavenly Father.
 She loves to read, take dance lessons, swim, sing, make crafts, play with her friends, do math in school, and help those around her.
Emma had a great birthday. She got to do Mini Cheer at Cyprus High School and perform during the half time. She had a friend's birthday party on Sat. and had a daddy date night with Andrey and went the the races at RMR.
She gets to spend Sunday night with her family. Lucky girl-a 3 day birthday.
We love you Emma and are so blessed to have you as a part of our family!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Price is Right Live

My mom, Bailee, and I were able to go to Kingsbury hall and watch the Price is Right. It was so much fun to see Todd Newman as the host and watch all the games, my favorite, Plinko. We registered to be contenstants, but sadly, were not picked. It was still so much fun to see the behind the scenes to the show and watch all the excited contestants go up and win prizes (or not win). Thanks Mom and Bailee for a fun night!

School Year 2012-2013

Emma and Ellie are so excited for school. Emma is is first grade and loves her teacher, Mrs. Stewart. She has a few friends from last year in there (Marshal, Ashlyn, Alli). Ellie loves Kindergarten with Mrs. Andreson, but comes home so tired because it's "All Day Kindergarten". She is already doing so well, learning her letters, numbers, and loves doing homework and learning more and more. She is so smart and is catching on quickly.
Emma is just too smart and told me she gets bored at school, but is a great helper to those around her. She is a great reader and I love seeing her sit there and read to her siblings. I cry sometimes because they are growing up so fast and becoming their own person with their fun personalities, and maturing, and it's fun to see all that they are learning.
I am so lucky to be able to serve on the PTA and be over Reflections again and be able to see them each day at school.

Ethan loves having the toys to himself and a quiet house (as does mom), but is so excited when we go pick up his sisters!

New calling

I was released as the Young Womens President after almost 5 years of loving this calling. Instead of getting a breather for a while, our bishop asked me to serve as the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. I was so excited and thrilled to work with such amazing women and to come to know the women in our ward (FINALLY). I love it so much and get to plan activities, visiting teaching, and the transition with the Laurels.
What a blessing it is to be so involved in my wonderful ward. I am so grateful for Andrey and his support in this next step in my life.

DiGeorge Syndrome (Ethan)

So much has been going on in the last few months and my blog has not been cooperating with me.
In July, Ethan got really sick and we had to take him to Primary Childrens Hospital for a few days. We never  found out why his white blood cell count and heart rate were so high. But what we did find out was that he has a genetic disorder called DiGeorge Syndrome. We were shocked, heart broken, scared, and didnt' know what to think.
We had so much support from family members and ward members and friends. Since then, we have taken him to specialists to find out exactly what was wrong with him and how this disorder would affect him during his life.

A little background:

It is a deletion in the 22nd chromosome.

The features of this syndrome vary widely, even among members of the same family, and affect many parts of the body. Characteristic signs and symptoms may include birth defects such as congenital heart disease, defects in the palate, most commonly related to neuromuscular problems with closure (velo-pharyngeal insufficiency), learning disabilities, mild differences in facial features, and recurrent infections. Infections are common in children due to problems with the immune system's T-cell mediated response that in some patients is due to an absent or hypoplastic thymus. 22q11.2 deletion syndrome may be first spotted when an affected newborn has heart defects or convulsions from hypocalcemia due to malfunctioning parathyroid glands and low levels of parathyroid hormone (parathormone). Affected individuals may also have any other kind of birth defect including kidney abnormalities and significant feeding difficulties as babies. Disorders such as hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism or thrombocytopenia (low platelet levels), and psychiatric illnesses are common late-occurring features.[8] Microdeletions in chromosomal region 22q11.2 are associated with a 20 to 30-fold increased risk of schizophrenia.[9]

After reading all these details and symptoms, my greatest fears were his heart and kidneys. Everything else, we can work with.
So the appointments began every week.
We are so happy to see that his heart and kidneys are just fine. His hearing is great. The only issues we have run into is he has a submucus pallet. He will go back and meet with the cranial team in November and they will plan a surgery.
His cute ears that stick out (my favorite) can be pinned back at age 5 if we want. He is just starting to walk, but his progress is great. We are working on his speech with him, but will have to wait till after his surgery for more progress.
He is so loving, no boundaries with strangers, and loves giving hugs and kisses.
We are so blessed to have sweet Ethan in our family and are so grateful for doctors, spcialists (DDI) who come to our home each week and work with him. I love the programs that are avaiable (HOPE KIDS) where we can still have happiness among all the driving to appointments and harships that Ethan may face as he gets older (possibilities of deppresion, bipolar, etc.).
Our Heavenly Father has entrusted us with this sweet boy and we are eternally grateful to Him for letting us have him as part of our family.